In 2008, Green Team Spirit introduced a fresh approach to sustainable business… teamwork! We bring leadership and staff together to help organizations measurably reduce their environmental footprint and maximize profit while operating responsibly. A customized dashboard provides step by step guidance to set policy, take-action and measure performance, and a pathway for continuous improvement.


Dani Glaser, Founder & CEO was inducted into the Business Council of Westchester Hall of Fame, winner of the 2014 Women in Business Success Award VIDEO

  Green Team Spirit Solutions 

Green Team Spirit provides organizations with the digital tools and expertise that they need to successfully integrate sustainable business practices into company operations. Customized dashboards provide templates, surveys, checklists and proprietary metric tools to calculate the economic and environmental impacts of operations to increase efficiency and save money. Charts and graphs demonstrate your organization’s progress allowing you to track, identify and resolve issues as they arise.

The Green Team Spirit LLC platform is available for licensing to any organization or business group in the United States.

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What we do for

  • Review your unique mission and vision, challenges and goals
  • Conduct a metric based sustainability assessment and report
  • Develop a strategic plan in line with your goals
  • Identify and expertly train your Green Team
  • Create a culture of innovation and collaboration
  • Help you publicize your accomplishments
  • Serve as your “One-Stop Green Shop”
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What we do for

  • Facilitate meetings that encourage ideas and innovative solutions
  • Provide organizational tools and structure to be a highly successful Green Team
  • Conduct Module Training Workshops:
    • Energy & Water Conservation
    • Green purchasing
    • Facilities/green building
    • Transportation
    • Waste reduction
    • Communications
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead