“Although many organizations want to “go green”, they are busy focusing on their daily operations and don’t have the time and expertise to incorporate sustainability into their core mission. I saw an opportunity to help organizations accomplish this goal by providing expertise and a turnkey training program to facilitate the process.”

Dani Glaser, CEO & Founder, Green Team Spirit

Dani Glaser

Dani Glaser is the Founder and CEO of Green Team Spirit, specializing in building sustainable organizations through the power of teamwork. The unique Green Team Spirit process begins with a thorough assessment of an organization’s mission, daily practices, carbon footprint and associated costs. Increasing efficiency and saving money go hand-in-hand. The Green Team Spirit program builds upon the results and motivates everyone in the organization to be part of the solution. Training programs are tailored to all levels of commitment from leadership, to green team volunteers, to staff who have less time to devote but want to be part of the process. Dani helps organizations gain recognition by sharing best practices with staff and outside stakeholders.

With 30 years of experience in marketing, communications, technology, advocacy, non-profit development and research, Dani combines her wealth of business experience with her passion for the environment and a healthier, more sustainable world. Dani is one of the creators and administrators of the Westchester Green Business Challenge, a partnership of Westchester County Government and the Business Council of Westchester focused on helping all Westchester County businesses on the path to sustainability. Green Team Spirit is working with businesses of all sizes from small offices to corporations, as well as municipal and county governments. Dani Glaser sits on several boards including Metropool, The Business Council of Westchester’s Green Business Advisory Council, and the Westchester/Putnam Workforce Investment Board. Green Team Spirit is an approved Con Edison market partner and a certified Green America – Green Business.

Jana Petrikova COOJana Petrikova

Jana Petrikova is the COO of Green Team Spirit having joined the company in December 2010. She is an MBA professional with extensive experience in financial analysis and reporting. Jana brings a strong dedication to environmentally and socially responsible business practices with a proven record of execution of green initiatives, as well as knowledge of sustainability reporting guidelines such as GRI and GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. She is an effective leader and strategic thinker with exceptional organizational, quantitative and analytical problem solving skills.


“Dani provided critical support for the creation of municipal green teams in Dobbs Ferry and a neighboring municipality.  She and her colleagues at Green Team Spirit were unflagging in their commitment to providing a valuable framework and useful tools and Dani was a true pleasure to work with throughout the project.”

Nina Orville, Client – Dobbs Ferry Task Force, SWEAC

“Dani is truly a guru in Westchester’s “green” community. I’ve utilized Dani as a presenter at events, as a resource for identifying important contacts and as a springboard for ideas to enhance my own outreach. I’ve also observed the efficiency and thoughtfulness with which Dani has managed projects, from inception to follow-up. She is an outstanding professional, and I am truly privileged to have an ongoing working relationship with her.”

Elizabeth Silleck, Esq., Energy $mart Communites Regional Coordinator/NYSERDA, Courtney Strong Inc.

“Dani is a brilliant collaborator. She’s an amazing motivator and negotiator. She creates synergistic alliances and organizes loose groups of eclectic individuals in to focused action groups.”

Lea Cullen Boyer, Managing Director, Green Guru Network

“Dani guides people and groups to achieve their highest goals by supporting their efforts with personal attention, research, and innovation.”

Edna Sussman, Principal of SussmanADR

“Dani Glaser delivers results while being inclusive… she is a pleasure to work with.”

Karen Wells, Senior Consultant and Partner, Wells-Canning & Associates

“Dani is a go getter who can open communications among a group to make them a team. Dani faciltated progress in a goverment program that had been mired in doubt. Dani brought new ideas and a fresh approach to building a team and I recommend her for business and government clients alike.”

Andrew Fischer, Energy Analyst

“Cortlandt Green Team members are hard at work to reduce pollution and waste, increase recycling activities, create awareness through education and motivational programs, green the Town fleet and decrease transportation usage, develop a green procurement policy, conserve water and reduce paper and mailings through brochure consolidation. I am very excited and proud to be a part of our Green Team. The members have an excellent agenda with goals to conserve energy in our government. Their team spirit is contagious and so very important. Keep up the great work!”

Town of Cortlandt, NY Supervisor Puglisi

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