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“The Green Team Spirit”

Thursday, January 3, 2012









The Green Team Spirit


Watching oneself drop a stack of incorrectly printed documents in the recycling bin without using the blank side for something else, hopefully at least, gives you pause. But who has time? Especially, when others in the office may not even give it a second thought. Why bother reinserting the clear side into the printer when your own uses require scrap. On the other hand, maybe those others, with a little concerted allegiance, would take the time – especially when the chances for sustainability and savings are distinctly possible and made available. That’s where Dani Glaser of Green Team Spirit has come in for a number of businesses and municipalities across the county.

Of course, leadership must sign on to initiate a spirit that’s both good for the globe and the bottom line. Glaser’s consulting begins by coming in and crunching all the potential numbers. “We provide a greenhouse emissions inventory – looking at every corner of the business as far as sustainability,” she says.

Specifically, energy, waste, transportation and purchasing behavior is measured and converted to “actionable recommendations.” Then by design, partnership begets the best results. “We present the findings to all staff so they can be part of the solution,” she says.

Meaning, employees are invited to be on the company’s green team and become responsible to the cause. “We find that people really want to do this because it resonates with their lives and they love doing it,” she says from her Croton on Hudson home base.

Among those showing the affection is the Town of Cortlandt, but her touch and go approach does not leave organizations unable to sustain the effect after she has left. Training the trainers in all the modules, she says, “My mission is to go in and show organizations how to work as a team so they can reach specific goals.”

In turn, the town has found it can think larger and satisfy the requirement of purchasing green standard products. For example, without leaving a paper trail, they are able to afford more expensive recycled paper because of new energy star copier/printer/scanners and doubled sided printing of all documents.

Otherwise, her for profit endeavor sustains itself quite well in that sphere also. “I work with Pernod Ricard USA, ”  she says, of her first corporate and nationwide client

Creating a green tool kit for them, they’ve taken the success to a level of their own. “Now, they’ve gone out and created their own green team,” she says.

Sustainable synergy is no stranger locally either. The YWCA in Yonkers won a $2,500 consulting contest from Green Team, and when word got out on the good work they were beginning, Greyston Foundation in Yonkers offered to haul off all the Y’s composting for use in its community gardens. “That’s the cool thing about all this,” she says of the helping spirit.

And the idea of keeping things combined serves as an important model for larger scale and more expensive endeavors. “So instead of standing alone and trying to afford these things as a single government or a single business, it makes much more sense to come together,” she says.

This applies directly to the Town of Cortlandt, which has joined in with NWEAC and Hudson Valley Regional Planning to explore and implement Solar Power possibilities.  Something Cortlandt initiated on its own but Glaser is always ready to provide her insights to offer all comers.

Of course, companies wishing to think small before talking a larger leap into consulting can purchase her online tool kit on individual areas of their business. “The total tool kit cost $950 but sections can be purchased a la carte,” she says.

Either way, Glaser claims that the service will “absolutely” translate to green advantages on the financial side and there’s nothing stopping organizations from ditching the menu. “If they decide to get deeper into it with consulting, we are happy to provide,” she concludes.

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Rich Monetti has been a freelance writer since 2003 and lives in Westchester.

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