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GREEN TEAM TOP 10 – #9 Celebrate Success!

Dani GlaserA Green Team is a group of motivated staff, representative of ALL organizational disciplines that learn and work together to improve the organization’s environmental impact, reduce costs, and create a healthier place to work. In this series, we will explore the top ten essential components of a successful Green Team program.

9. Celebrate Success!

Leadership recognition of the Green Team’s efforts and accomplishments lends credibility and publicly demonstrates respect for the program. This also serves to encourage others to participate. Publishing information that demonstrates reduced costs, improved efficiency, and enhanced environmental performance promotes accountability and information sharing. Acknowledge and reward staff that has shown great participation, initiative and creativity.  Consider rewards related to sustainability such as a CSA membership (local farm produce share), a green gift basket of cleaning/personal products, or a bottle of organic wine.  Plan a company or community event such as a Green Fair to create awareness and share your commitment to sustainability with the public.

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Green Team Top 10:

#1 Leadership Commitment

#2 Open Invitation

#3 Allow the Team to Warm Up

#4 Effective Green Team Meetings

#5  Assess for Success!

#6 Brand the Green Team

#7 Communicate Widely

#8 Educational Events

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