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Green Team Top 10 – #4 Effective Green Team Meetings

A Green Team is a group of motivated staff, representative of ALL organizational disciplines that learn and work together to improve the organization’s environmental impact, reduce costs, and create a healthier place to work. In this series, we will explore the top ten essential components of a successful Green Team program.

4. Effective Green Team Meetings

It is important for the Green Team to set a regular meeting schedule that works best for them, but occurs at least monthly. In between full team meetings, those who are working together on particular initiatives can collaborate as necessary.  Meetings should have a clear agenda that is emailed to the team in advance, seeking input on agenda items.  The Green Team Action Sheet™ is a planning tool that facilitates the discussion of actionable goals by assigning responsibility and setting the timeline and steps to achieve the goal.  Meetings allow team members to learn together and support each other to stay focused on the organization’s sustainability vision.

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Green Team Top 10

#1 Leadership Commitment

#2 Open Invitation

#3 Allow the Team to Warm Up

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