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Green Team Top 10 – #3 Allow the Team to Warm Up

A Green Team is a group of motivated staff, representative of ALL organizational disciplines that learn and work together to improve the organization’s environmental impact, reduce costs, and create a healthier place to work. In this series, we will explore the top ten essential components of a successful Green Team program.

3. Allow the Team to Warm Up

It is likely that this is the first time that this cross-disciplinary group is working together as a company team.  It is important for members to get to know each other and learn what drives each person to participate on the Green Team.  A great way to do this is to hold a Facilitated First Meeting where members share their ideas about being greener at work, as well as what their particular interests and strengths are.  Some might be passionate about eliminating waste and increasing recycling… others may have ideas about switching from paper to electronic communications. This first meeting is a great icebreaker and marks the beginning of working together as an effective group.

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Green Team Top 10

#1 Leadership Commitment

#2 Open Invitation

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