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Green Pom Poms!

Leadership Commitment + Green Team + Engaged Staff = Culture Change

Although movement toward sustainability can occur with any one of these groups, it is the power of all three that provides the foundation for culture change within an organization.  Leadership commitment can accelerate the process significantly.  It takes vision and courage to confront “business as usual” and make changes toward a sustainable future.

Successful leaders in sustainable business:

  1. Incorporate sustainability into the core vision/mission of the organization
  2. Are willing to listen openly and make choices toward a sustainable future
  3. Value staff participation and devotion of time
  4. Participate on the Green Team

A recent article in Triple Pundit about a company planning to introduce a corporate composting program states, “We knew our leadership team was on board when, after being pitched the idea last fall, our CEO asked, “Why would we not launch a program like this?” With his endorsement in our hands, the Green Committee began turning our focus to our 200 colleagues.”

This simple endorsement empowered the Green Team and staff to move forward with this project, part of an overall sustainability commitment in the organization.

So dust off those green pom-poms and give three cheers to the Green Team!

Next week’s post will focus on the Green Team’s role.

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