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Congratulations Atlantic Westchester and SunBlue Energy on Achieving Westchester Green Business Certification!

logo with cert3 REV 9-23December 17, 2015 – Atlantic Westchester, a commercial and industrial HVAC company, and SunBlue Energy, a home and commercial solar installer, celebrated their Westchester Green Business-Certification in a joint ceremony. Atlantic Westchester and SunBlue Energy collaborated as WGB-Certified members when Atlantic Westchester engaged SunBlue Energy’s services this past summer to install solar panels at its facility to improve its own energy conservation efforts.

“It is very exciting to celebrate the Westchester Green Business-Certification of both Atlantic Westchester and Sun Blue Energy. Their collaboration represents the highest goals of the program that encourages member organizations to work together towards a sustainable future,” said Dani Glaser, Creator and Co-Director of the Westchester Green Business Challenge and Certified program.

The award ceremony was led by WGBC program partners from Westchester County government (Kevin Plunkett, Deputy Westchester County Executive); The Business Council of Westchester (John Ravitz, COO); and Green Team Spirit (Dani Glaser, CEO and WGBC Program Director). Representatives from the Energize NY Finance program, The Town of Bedford and Bedford 2020 also participated in the ceremony.

“Atlantic Westchester is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices at all levels throughout our organization – from solar panels to multi-zoned HVAC systems to LED lightening to employee education,” said Bud Hammer, President of Atlantic Westchester.  “Becoming WGB-Certified will help reach our goal to minimize our organization’s impact and maximize future generations’ ability to live, work and play in our shared natural environment, with equal access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources.”

“The solar installation at Atlantic Westchester symbolizes what makes Westchester County a leader in green business practices,” says Chris Hale, President and Founder of SunBlue Energy. “We see the future of green business as synergy between local businesses—the local solar energy company installing panels on the Westchester energy efficiency company, financed by a PACE-Finance model designed and executed by Westchester’s Energize NY program. All of these stakeholders were introduced through the Westchester Green Business Challenge and certification process. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the green community in Westchester and to be among pioneers.”

The WGB-Certified program is designed to provide a collaborative group of Westchester County organizations from diverse industry sectors, with step-by-step training (individualized and group) and tools they need to successfully integrate environmentally sustainable practices into operations and measure their greenhouse gas emissions in order to become certified.  Behavioral and technical solutions are provided to organizations in the following categories: organizational commitment, energy, materials management (waste & recycling and green purchasing), refrigerants, transportation, land use and water. There are currently 51 member businesses in WGB-Certified, 18 of which have achieved certification.

1. Atlantic Westchester Final Presentation
2. SunBlue Energy Final Presenation
3. Joint Certification Ceremony Event Photos

About Green Team Spirit and the Westchester Green Business Challenge/Certified Programs

Green Team Spirit (GTS) is the co-creator of the Westchester Green Business Challenge and the Westchester Green Business-Certified programs. The WGB-Certified program adopts the GTS Tools and methodology to administer the program. Dani Glaser serves as the Program Director.

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